Through the 24-hour hotline system, our 60 centers have received a total of 29,674 reports in 2016. Among the total reports, 3,604 calls(12.1%) were screened out and 25,878 calls(87.2%) were screened in as reports of alleged child abuse and neglect. The screened out calls were telephone counseling on child rearing and requests for general information. The investigation and initial assessment for the alleged cases resulted in a disposition of "substantiated“(72.3%), "indicated" (8.6%), and "unsubstantiated"(18.9%) and ”Under investigation“(0.2%). The following explanation illustrates the status of child maltreatment in Korea.

Types of Child Abuse

During 2016, 15.6% of the child victims suffered neglect, 14.5% were physically abused, 19.2% suffered psychological or emotional abuse, while sexual abuse was 2.6%. Moreover, 48.0% of victims were associated with additional types of child abuse and neglect.

Source of Reports

Among the 25,878 calls of alleged child abuse cases, the rate of calls from Person liable for reporting marked 32.0%, and Person non liable for reporting marked 68.0%.

Protective Action for the Victim

Seventy-seven point nine percent (77.9%) of all victims were placed under the children's own family care and 21.9% were isolated

Victims in Relation to Their Perpetrators

Eighty-one point eight percent (81.8%) of all victims were maltreated by at least one parent while 1.8% by Child welfare personnel and 5.6% were by relatives.

Results of Remedial Action toward Perpetrators

Sixty two point seven percent (62.7%) of perpetrators were sustained the monitoring. Only 32.2% of the substantiated cases were investigated by the police and prosecuted.