112 (the Child Protection Hotline), installed in the Child Protection Agency, awaits your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We provide appropriate services, information, and advice to anyone concerned about a child in danger of ill treatment or abuse.

The Korean child protective system was established in October 2000, under the revised Child

Welfare Act; related articles are :

  • Article 23 of the Child Welfare Act : Creation of Hotline 112
  • Article 24 of the Child Welfare Act : Creation of Child Protection Agency
  • Article 25 of the Child Welfare Act : Child Protective Services

Please call us if you are :

Concerned that a child may be in danger of abuse A child or young person who needs help A parent, carer, or relative who needs advice or help A Mandated Reporter (doctor, teacher, social worker)

What happens when you contact us :

All our workers who are trained as Child Protection Specialists with years of experience are willing to reach out helping hands toward children and families. They have much experience in networking to help children and families. Please provide us with your name, and the name and address of the child at risk, so that we can include the persons or family in our service appropriately. We shall protect the privacy of all callers. If we think that a child is at serious risk, we will contact the police and the prosecution in the area where the child lives. If we think the child is in danger, we'll involve the police immediately. In an emergency, or if you have difficulty getting through to us, call the police immediately on 112.