Our mission

The National Child Protection Agency (NCPA) was founded in October 2001 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The pu rpose of the NCPA is to prevent, protect against, and aid in the recovery of abused and neglected children and their famil ies, through a system of cooperating organizations, and by using the mass media to raise public awareness of the social p roblems of child abuse and neglect.

What we do

The National Child Protection Agency : Refers reported cases of abuse to appropriate local centers Operates a computer database system for case management P ublicizes national reports of child abuse on a yearly basis Publicizes the problem of child abuse and neglect through the m ass media Develops scales for assessment of child abuse and neglect Develops and distributes programs for the education of mandatory reporters Promotes children's rights through a multimodal system for child protection within and outside Korea

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